About Harley

Christchurch’s straight male escort for women

Intelligent, experienced, and so very attentive, Harley creates an atmosphere of trust s that women feel comfortable enough to express the more sexual sides of their character.

It’s hard to say how he does this. Yes he’s charming, but it’s more than that. Harley gets the impression that too many men have demanded, selfishly, that their own desires be satisfied, to the exclusion of women’s own desires. Determined to redress the balance, Harley is bent on seeing women express their true selves, and goes out of his way to find out what that is for each individual lady. No two, it seems, are ever the same.

Keeps things interesting, to say the very least.

Harley has been through life’s wringer several times, and believes this has made him a better person, man, and male escort. We’ve all had low points, and it seems these are the times that reveal our strengths, and forge our maturity.

The Body

Height: 186 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 83 kg (182 lb)
Frame: Tall with a lean, toned, athletic body – built for endurance!

I work out regularly and healthy eating is an instinct.

Hair: Dark brown close-buzzed
Eyes: Grey-blue and mottled like stardust…  you can lose yourself in them.
Body hair: Light, and well-groomed where it counts.
Facial hair: I sometimes sport a neatly trimmed beard with an interesting brown-fade-to-grey sunset effect that belies my otherwise-invisible 40 years. If you’re not into facial hair I am more than happy to shave clean.

Endowment: I am a circumcised eight inches. Snug, without doing any damage!

Consent is sexy

Communication is the fundamental key to any relationship, whether sexual or otherwise. I go out of my way to ensure I understand what you want, and how you want to experience it. This includes negotiating new experiences with you.

If you are feeling adventurous, and want to try something new, we will talk about it beforehand and establish any boundaries necessary, as well as clarifying what you are seeking. I love exploring with you! Let’s talk about it, and find out where it leads us.

I can be kinky…  but not that kinky

I am a sensualist. I enjoy slowly exploring what our neurons can offer. But I’m not into hardcore BDSM. Bindings, yes; blindfolds, yes; spanking, sure! Why not?

But no blood. And no pee, nor poop. And while a lovely flush and heat along with a nice tingle in your skin is gorgeous, I’m more into surprised yelps of delight than pained screams.

If pain is what you are into, then good for you! I will cheer you on, mistress of your own fetishes – but I will refer you out to someone who caters for those pleasures. In those cases, I’m just not your guy, and there are experts out there who would do you a much better service than I.

I am more into the textural side of things. Think fur and velvet over leather and chains. Slow, sexy, erotic massages rather than surgical tools.

If you have a favourite vibrator you’d like me to use on you, charge it up to full before I arrive.

Feel free to suggest anything. Anything at all. Even if I’m not your guy for your particular fantasy, I will gladly help you find someone who is!