The Harley Brixton Experience: New Zealand Male Escort for Women and Couples

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NEWS: I’ve left New Zealand and am now based in Melbourne

Christchurch tour late March 2020 – CANCELLED due to COVID-19 travel restrictions
Reschedule to later this year TBA

Touring Auckland 10th–16th July 2020 (TBC)
Touring Wellington 17th–19th July 2020 (TBC)

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New Zealand Male Escort for Women

There are many reasons to hire a professional male escort in New Zealand.

Still, many women hesitate. Should I be doing this? What will he think of me? Will we really connect as human beings? What if I say something wrong, or do something silly?

So let’s be clear. I see women with disabilities. I see women who have never had any kind of sex before. Women of all colours, ages (over 18 of course), shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

I will always take you as you are. No judgement, no bullshit, no weird stuff. I am more likely to shower you with compliments than I am to ever point out any possible flaws or faux pas.

New Zealand Male Escort for Couples

As well as individual ladies, I cater to established couples. As a male escort for couples, let me be your foil, your facilitator, your plaything. My aim is to strengthen your relationship through fun, never to undermine it. I am very careful to ensure that both of you are completely happy and comfortable throughout the experience.

All I want to do is make you feel good. That’s it. As a male escort, there is just warm friendly human company.

Your safety & confidence is my priority

Yet I can understand how it can be harrowing to book a male escort for the first time. That’s why I take the time to communicate with you at every stage.

Firstly, this is to help me understand what you are looking for. That way I can meet (and hopefully exceed) your expectations; and, secondly, so you can develop some trust in me, a relative stranger. Communication is important! It is at the heart of everything I do. I take the time to listen to you and discover how I can serve you as best I can.

Your wants, needs, and trust are important to me. My ultimate aim is to create a situation where you can relax, be secure, and enjoy your experience with me. Enjoyment is what this is about, after all — whatever “enjoyment” means for you, individually.

So be honest. Tell me what you really want. I’m listening.

I am your boyfriend, playmate, and lover for hire.

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